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Reading now …

I just Love to read!  At anytime I’m generally ready anywhere from tow to five books, mostly non-fiction but i need to add more fiction works, just for fun!

Currently, I am reading these books

Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley – This book has an interesting premise. These days, most finance oriented books  are depressing, and many justifiably so. However, in this short term oriented thinking, we tend to overlook what human race has managed to accomplish over last few hundred years. think about it – even King Louie & Mary Antoinette did not have most of the amenities that a typical american family has today! isn’t that amazing? This book draws on author’s background as a historian and a geneticist (at least that is my impression so far!) and builds a case for restoring faith in human ingenuity. Very interesting Big Picture thinking!

Well Being by Tom Rath et al (Gallup) – This is reliable staple from the good ol’ Gallup! Tom and other at Gallup have book writing thing down pat! Every year or so they come up with some interesting books. I like their Strengthsfinder series that includes Strengthsfinder 2.0 and Leadership Strengthsfinder. This is their most recent one on overall wellbeing. They divide wellbeing into 5 categories:

  • Career Wellbeing
  • Social Wellbeing
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Community Wellbeing

Each of the category is explained in the book. There is also an online questionnaire to assess your overall wellbeing based on Gallup framework outlined in the book. Like other questionnaire, along with assessment of your overall wellbeing, you get their suggestions for improvement. Wellbeing is an topic of significant interest for me, hopefully we’ll have more posts on this topic as well. Overall, this book is a nice package for around 10-15 bucks!

The Case of the missing servant (Vish Puri Mystery, Most Private Investigator) by Tarquin Hall (Fiction)

After a long time I’m reading a work of fiction that is not business fiction ( Goldratt’s The Goal, anyone?). Excited about reading this one! It is written by a British writer who has lived in India for a long time and he does an excellent job of capturing nuances about India that an outsider would generally miss. For example, his usage of hinglish ( combination of Hindi and English) is spot on! SO is his description of food, taste and smells! It’s like you are almost there in Delhi.

Many more books on short list of to be read … will post about them soon.

What are you reading these days? anything interesting? Any new books that you expect in fall ?

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